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We are dedicated men and women who love our crafts and to the Austin TX Graphic Design Culture. Our designs are top quality because our team is top quality. Producing art has molded so many of top brands around the world and we believe this type of art should trickle down to local businesses. Unfortunately, many small businesses can’t afford these type of services and that is why we provide affordable graphic designs and full marketing services that gives little businesses in Austin and other locations a fighting chance to win in the marketplace such as the top brands Adidas and Nike has done utilizing art. We believe in winning for our clients and will not stop until they reach there goals. That is our promise. Own the Arena!

Piercing Focus Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide organizations with branding strategies and our expertise that sets them on path to achieving there goals.

Piercing Focus Mission Statement

Piercing Focus LLC mission is to help entities rise above competitors and become dominate brands in their industry.

Piercing Focus Founder of Graphic Design Agency

Founder & Owner, Jarvis Johnson, A.K.A, JJ the brand man, enlisted in the U.S Army and served over 8 years. During his service, he deployed overseas to aid in the fight for freedom, receiving multiple achievement awards and medals. After completing his term in the service, He began marketing for many veteran-owned small businesses to learn the business/marketing world and the TRUE needs of the business owners. From all of his experience of marketing, branding, graphic design, and the military mentality of never giving up until the job is done, Jarvis Johnson has created a dynamic, branding agency that is dedicated to helping organizations conquer and thrive in their sectors. “The world we live isn’t perfect, but we can dramatically improve it simply by spreading our greatness.” (Jarvis Johnson).

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